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Vintage Cassettes: 1963-2010

Here you will find the beatiful pictures of sealed compact casettes. Cassettes from 1970-1990 are covered the most. Collecting vintage cassettes is a great hobby and brings all good memories back. Cassettes are organized by brands and then the years they were produced. We concentrate on the most important brands. This site try to cover three markets: US, Europe and Japan. We also added the History of Compact Cassettes located to the right.

Currently we have 2669 unique sealed cassettes in the database, of which:

Here is the Line-up for the Maxell, Sony and TDK in the Hey Days!!!


Type I:          UR -> UDI -> XLI -> XLI-S

Type II:        UDII -> XLII -> XLII-S

Type IV:       MX -> MX-S -> Metal Vertex


Type I:          HF -> HF-S -> HF-X -> HF-ES -> HF-PRO

Type II:        UX -> UX-S -> UX-ES -> UX-PRO -> UX Master

Type IV:       Metal-S -> Metal-ES -> Metal Master


Type I:          D -> AD -> AD-X -> AR -> AR-X

Type II:        SF (SD) -> SA -> SA-X -> SA-XG

Type IV:       MA -> MA-X -> MA-XG

Now, I don't sell the cassettes pictured on this website. The best way to get vintage cassettes is Ebay. Be prepare that some cassettes commence quite high prices. There are several places you can buy TDK SA (for $1.25) or MAXELL XLII (for $1.00). These are not vintage, but for a casual recording will be sufficient.

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Recent Updates:

August 29, 2016: Little bit of clean-up and added some cassettes to fill the gaps thanks to EZ647, liglem, kond, kostya1969, sieraadj, sowa pszemondzala, werter, toyoko-tape-selector, yuko_ru (77 new cassettes). BASF SK 60 (1973 US), Denon Pastel Live, Denon GX Pocket Black (1985 JAPAN), DENON RD-F Blue and White, DENON Lyceenne (3 versions), DENON SoundSketch (3 versions), DENON Chinese Club, DENON Mellow Wind, DENON Love success, DENON Come On My House, DENON Spanking New (2 versions), DENON Han-Gy Don (1986 JAPAN), DENON S-Port Normal (1992-93 JAPAN), DENON GR-IS (1993-94 JAPAN), Denon DX1 (1995-97 JAPAN), DENON Lapisia Yellow and Green (1997-2001 JAPAN), EMI XT (1981-82), Fuji FR-II Super (1985-87 US), Goldstar HD (1991-92), Goldstar CD II PRO (1991-92 US), Hitachi UD C-60 (1966-69), Lo-D UD new (1981-82 Japan), Hitachi DJ Blue and Pink, Hitachi Twinkle Yellow and Green (1985-86 Japan), Konica JJ (1984-86 JPN), Konica XR-II (1990-92), Maxell C-120 Extra (1970-71) and UD C-120 (1970-71), PDM Tri-Oxide Ferro (1981-83), PDM 500 Crolyn and PDM 1100 Metal HG (1983-86), Philips SF I (1985-86 EUROPE), Philips Moving Sound FS (1987-88 EUROPE), Sanyo UD (1974 JPN), Sanyo LN C-90 (1976-78 JPN), Sanyo We Love Music (1983-85 JPN), Sanyo After School Yellow and Sanyo Flowers (1986-91 JPN), Otto CD (1979-83 JPN), Scotch Highlander (1982-86 US), SMAT SK (1974-76), SKC AX (1987-89 US), SMAT SK, SF, MT, CD-I and CD-II (1995-98), SMAT SH-X (1999-2001), SONY HF-ES and UX-ES (1988 EUROPE), SONY HF-S (1992-94 US, South America???), SONY HF (1995-96 EUR, South America), SONY HF (1999-2001 EUR, South America???), National RT-46CA, RT-46CB, RT-46CC (1985-86 JAPAN), National FA Yellow (1987-88 JAPAN), Technics C (1972-73 JAPAN), Technics NX (1985-87 EUR), TEAC COBALT S and TEAC STUDIO G (1984-85), Toshiba E (1973-76), Toshiba F C-90 (1976-78), Toshiba FS C-30 and Toshiba FS C-90 (1987-90), Aurex AX (1979-80), Yamaha NR (1982-83 EUR), Yamaha MU-R (1984-85 JPN)

March 20, 2014: Finished Sanyo section (big thanks to kirunavaara and agfabasf). (51 cassettes added).

February 4, 2014: Updated Ampex section thanks to kirunavaara. (9 cassettes added)

January 30, 2014: Updated Agfa section thanks to kirunavaara. (14 cassettes added)

January 17, 2014: Very interesting cassettes added thanks to Audio-Collector, CapstanJack and Kirunavaara. Basf Ferro Super I (Asia) from 1991, Fuji FR-II Super (EUR 1988), Hitachi UD (EUR 1988), JVC UF-I (EUR 1990), Konica EL (EUR 1984), Maxell UDS-II (US 1984), Philips CD (EUR 1990), Pioneer N1x (South America 1983), Pioneer N1z (South America 1983), Pioneer N1T-S (South America 1985), SMAT LN and SD (1974), SKC CD (EUR 1990), TDK AR (Australia 1992), That's FM-S (EUR 1987).

January 9, 2014: Finished EMI section (16 cassettes added). Finished Sharp Section (5 cassettes added). Fixed Philips section dividing 1984-86 line-up into two different line-ups (5 cassettes added). Added JVC UF-I from European 1990 line-up.

December 14, 2013: Finished Ampex section (27 cassettes added).

October 6, 2013: Added SONY FN (1985 EUR) and Goldstar CRX (1991 EUR) thanks to Kostya1969, Memorex dBS1 (1993 EUR) thanks to Mignun, AudioMagnetics Super (1977 EUR), AudioMagnetics PLUS (1979 EUR) and AudioMagnetics XHE HD II (1982 CAN).

July 26, 2013: Added Hitachi SX (1988 EUR) thanks to Audio-Collector, Fuji FR-IS (1988 EUR) thanks to Mignun, Philips EQ-1 60 (1987-88) and Philips Metal (1990-93)

May 28, 2013: Thanks to Audio-Collector we were able to update several section (About 50 cassettes added). We were able to add the "missing link" - Maxell MX 1984 US Market from "New" line. Also BASF LH super I 1982 (EUR) and BASF Chromdioxid Maxima II 1985 with alternative shells, BASF Collector Editions (1995-96), missing Sony HF-S, UCX, Metal-ES from 1985 European market, SONY FN (1988 EUR) and FX-II (1990 EUR), complete A-La line-up (1985 JPN), SONY WALKMAN (1988 and 1989 EUR), SONY NOTA (1988 EUR), SONY EF-X (1995 South American), Denon LX and DX1 with alternative shells, DENON DX (1990 and 1991 EUR). THANK YOU!

May 22, 2013: Important update: Technics ME from 1985 added thanks to rawavlad.

May 16, 2013: Small update thanks to yuko_ru, kostya1969, werter, KuranJabr (That's AM, RX, MG-X, CD-IS, Nakamichi EX-II, AudioMagnetics High Performance, Yamaha Music GX, National SG, Memorex CIRE-I)

May 5, 2013: Updated SKC and SMAT line-up. 11 cassettes added (several versions of SMAT SH-X and SMAT CR, also SMAT CD-II, SMAT SK, SMAT SH and SMAT YOUNG 2). While we believe SKC line-ups are correct SMAT line-ups are little mystery due to the fact that SMAT cassettes were produced mainly for South Korean market. On a way to reach 2500 cassettes in the database...

April 27, 2013: Added OEM section (AudioMagnetics, Aurex & Toshiba, Kenwood, Konica and Magnax, Luxman, Magna, Nakamichi, PDMagnetics, Pioneer, Yamaha finished. Other - still work in progress). Added 155 cassettes! Thanks to yuko_ru and audio-collector. More updates to come...

June 12, 2012: SKC LX (1992) added [thanks to CapstanJack] and RAKS High Dynamic (1985).

June 3, 2012: SKC AX (1990) and SKC ZX (1992) added thanks to CapstanJack.

May 27, 2012: Huge update (157 cassettes added). Complete redesign of the website. New Sections: Korean giants (Goldstar - 26 cassettes, SKC/SMAT - 51 cassettes) and Turkish giant RAKS (27 cassettes). Also Reel-to-Reel cassettes section added (TEAC, CVS and others - 41 cassettes in total). Also updates in other sections: Maxell MG I, Maxell Pochette Blue and Yellow, Hitachi UD-E, Victor ME-P, Technics MX, Philips SC II, Sony FN, TDK MA-X, Technics C, That's FX, That's MR-X Limited, Fuji Fr-II 1988 EUR, SONY Vocal added.

January 04, 2012: Happy New Year! Relatively big update (44 cassettes added) thanks to yuko_ru (23 cassettes), kostya1969, toyoko-tape-selector and CapstanJack. The following cassettes have been added: Technics LN and XA, National MX, National MA-DU, National FS (Pink and Blue), National NS (Yellow and Red), National DS 46 (Yellow and Orange) and National DS 60 (Yellow, Red, Pink, Green and Blue), Fuji 1990 US Slimline (Dr-I,Dr-II,Fr-IIx) and EUR Slimline (Jp-Is,Jp-II,Jp-IIx), Denon GX-Y, Panasonic EN, Panasonic EX, SONY Hip-Pop (White and Green), Memorex CDX2, Memorex MRX, Memorex Out of This World, Memorex Sound Invasion, Memorex Chrom Bias II, Philips EQ-I, Philips HP, Philips HR, Scotch CX (1990 EUR), Scotch Dynarange (1970 EUR), Scotch Highlander (1975 US and 1979 US), That's Pas-de-deux (White and Pink), That's Em-X, Lo-D DL, Lo-D SR, Lo-D EX, Lo-D SX (all 1983-84), Hitachi DJ-I (1988), Hitachi ME (1979) and Lo-D SX (1980), JVC AFI (1992-94). Right now we are working on RAKS and SKC/SMAT cassettes.

For detailed updates history dated back to 2008 see Updates.

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